There is a lot of information coming in from this week's White Dwarf, including prices (although missing the limited edition one). Drones now apparently cost $12 to get two of them, but it looks like they come with all the options for the different drones.

Also some of the rules for Kauyon the Warzone Damocles campaign book.

via Archibald_TK on Warseer
- Commander (apparently with a drone) - 40€, 30£, 50$
- Crisis Battelsuits (3 suits + 6 drones) - 60€, 45£, 75$
- Drones (2 drones) - 9€, 7.7£, 12$
- Warzone Damocles: Kauyon (campaign book) - 60€, 45£, 74$
- Codex Tau (128p) - 39€, 30£, 49.5$
- Tau cards, Raven Guard! cards, also White Scars cards!! for some reason - each 10.5€, 8£, 13.5$

- Commander is 85pts base. Coldstar has no particular rules compared to a Crisis so no +1T sorry. The high yield canon is crap (or should I say crap for that model), 18" S5 AP5 Assault6 TL.

- Crisis suits kit contain 4 of each weapon (except only 3 missiles). Iridium armor is still in the Codex, you can build one of such suits per kit (it the red one we saw in the pictures).

- Kauyon's pictures show two formations: the awesome Shadowstrike Kill Team (2-4 Scouts + 1-5 Vanguards, you chose to fail or succeed reserve rolls for the Vanguards, they don't scatter within 9" of the scouts, they can charge the turn they DS) and Pinion Battle Demi-Company (like a demi company but with scouts that help reserves by accompanying other units to allow them to do a flank attack and can give ignore cover to an unit with 9")

- Codex pictures show 80pts Devilfish and 44pts Pathfinders (minimum unit size of 4)

-Drone Kit Two drones, each can be built as Gun/Marker/Shield. Drones in the Crisis kit have the same options.
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