The Tau Barracuda is apparently gone with no timeline for them to come back. At a time when Tau are the focus, a lot of people are looking at more of the Tau model line for both Forgeworld and regular GW products. I don't know when this went away, but with the notice below, it seems that its gone for good.

via a reader on Faeit 212
Tau Barracuda has gone OOP

With regards to the reasons we stop producing a miniature the mould cdeteriation is a factor that is taken into consideration but we tend to see a product discontinued based on sales, the Barracuda whilst a stunning kit did not sell well at all and thus we made the hard decision to remove the line from sale.

As part of our process we often destroy the moulds after a line has been discontinued and a length of time passes for the sake of customer related issues (miscasts etc...) I regret to inform you we no longer have any stock or moulds in order to produce these miniatures any more.
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