Hawk Wargames today released it's second newsletter for Dropfleet Commander, and in explains why they are using a kickstarter. To get right to the point, its to bring us plastics right from the get-go, and make the cost to get into the game for players lower than it would be otherwise. Check out the rest...... 

Dropfleet Commander - Newsletter #2
Friday 16th October 2015
Welcome to the second newsletter about Hawk Wargames' Dropfleet Commander. This newsletter will focus on 2 areas:
1. Why a kickstarter
2. A small visual feast
Why is Hawk Wargames using a Kickstarter for Dropfleet Commander?
A short intro:
Principle designers Andy Chambers (Battlefleet Gothic, Warhammer 40,000) and David J Lewis (Dropzone Commander) bring you a galaxy of ship-to-ship combat, tactical gameplay, and rich, exciting background from the world of Dropzone Commander.
The rules are well developed and are in the process of being fine tuned. It has been key for us to ensure that Dropfleet Commander has a similar level of tactical balance and enjoyment as a game to Dropzone Commander. At Hawk Wargames we are committed to designing great games supported by considered, characterful and detailed models. The design language for all spacefaring races has been developed, and many of the miniatures have been designed.

So why Kickstarter?
After a lot of consideration, we decided to take the jump to plan to launch this product through Kickstarter. We considered a lot of factors, and below is a summary of some of them:
- We wanted to launch the starter sets in plastic from the beginning of this game's launch to ensure we can achieve a low entry point for this game from launch. Plastics require significant investment to manufacture, and we felt and hoped that through a kickstarter, we can achieve the funding we need to manufacture plastics, and manufacture in the UK.
- We have some experience of plastics manufacturing having released the 2 Player Starter set for Dropzone Commander and the 4 starter army boxes.
- Kickstarter was created for the creation of projects and products and as a small business we feel it is important to utilise tools such as Kickstarter in order to grow. 

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