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Here's one of my more recent projects - Daemon Prince Hakanor, master of the Chaos Warband Hakanor's Reavers. This was a fun experiment with lighting - I figured if the Reavers themselves had armour that cracked and melted like molten lava, the daemons they ally with or serve would look even fiery-er. So, here's my attempt at creating a fire/lava daemon. 

The lava-skin was painted by spraying white and coating it with vallejo fluorescent yellow. I then progressively worked my way "down" through to darker colours, leaving the bright ones in the recesses - a fun inversion of normal highlighting techniques. The paints used were vallejo fluorescent yellow, 
vallejo fluorescent orange, 
vallejo fluorescent magenta mixed with fire dragon bright, 
troll slayer orange,
evil sunz scarlet,
rhinox hide
and abaddon black. Citadel glazes were then used to tone down the glow in some areas and create focal points. C&C appreciated, of course.


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