The new Stormsurge models are now getting opened, as people get their early copies and let us know what is in them. Most interesting is that the new transfer sheet that comes with the Stormsurge seems to have new unit names on them. XV 86 Coldstar, Strike Team, Breacher Team, XV 95 Ghostkeel.

Definitely cool. The Strike Team and Breacher Team must be the firewarrior variants.

there are pics that Iuchiban took of the new Stormsurge box, and the instructions putting it together. Follow the link below to see those.

via Iuchiban on Warseeer
Ok guys ....
Right now I starting to build my Stormsurge ...

And as bonus, the transfer sheet, which is really insteresting. There are some new names to be read:

- XV 86 Coldstar
- XV95 Ghostkeel
- Strike team
- Breacher team

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