Forgeworld today has a new weapon for the Contemptor Dreadnought, the Volkite Culverin. Its up for pre-orders now. Here are the details.

New Pre-Orders From Forgeworld This Week!
Contemptor Pattern Volkite Culverin £9.50

Volkite weapons are of ancient and arcane design. Their manufacture is complex and the knowledge required to produce them is closely guarded by the Mechanicum of Mars.

The Volkite Culverin is the most potent man-portable iteration of Volkite technology in use by the Legiones Astartes. Its beam has a devastating effect on organic matter, explosively burning flesh into ash and jetting fire. The Contemptor pattern Dreadnought’s powerful reactor and load bearing capacity allow it to carry a twin-linked variant of the Volkite Culverin into battle.

The Contemptor pattern Volkite Culverin is compatible with Contemptor pattern Dreadnoughts. This multi-part resin kit can be constructed for use as either a left or right weapon arm.

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