So building your list by scenario for balance? That seems to be the case this time for Age of Sigmar. Stephen who is over at Forgeworld Open Day is speaking to reps about the game, and this is their answer. Definitely Interesting.

Thank you Stephen!
via stephen taylor in the comment section of Faeit 212

Just thought you guys would like this info. 
I am currently at forge world open day in nottingham. And have been speaking to the reps about age of Sigmar. A lot of my fears have been laid to rest.

BIG NEWS: There is not going to be a big rule book. However, there is already in the worls a set of rules for competetive and tournament play. 

Points dont matter so much, because everything will be based on scenarios. There will be - his words - literally hundreds. You will never need to play the same scenario twice. 

Added to this there are dozens of campaigns in the works, all of which will expand on the rules and warscrolls available.

Additionally, the 'silly' special rules already seen in the warscroll releases have been done as a homage to older characters and units. These are not due to continue going forward.

So - no BRB, but there will be rules for competition. Oh, and list building is now avcomplished througj working out the sinergy between wars rolls. As you dont have to pay for equiptment anymore, and optimizing is therefore out the window, getting units to work more efficiently is all accomplished through which warscrolls you choose and how they can make the units around them better.

Also a review of the game by Game Informer that is superb.
its a great review of the game, here is a look at just one paragraph of it regarding point values.

Finally, the base rules are now much more freeform in regards to balance. No point buy system governs what units you can deploy. Instead, players are meant to decide as they play how they want to set up their game, with guidance from the rules that suggest potentially exciting scenarios that players could try out. Out of the box, I’m told that Age of Sigmar is not built as a head-to-head tournament style game, in part because Games Workshop believes that players will create their own rules to govern how those more competitive scenes unfold. Instead, the developers have opted for a philosophy that gives more control to players; let them opt into additional restrictions, rather than being forced to opt out of hard-and-fast rules for how any given game should function. As such, the new Warhammer is built to encourage more cooperative conversation, narrative-driven experiences, and social oriented interactions.
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