The Ghostkeel is next week's release, and we have the pricing and hints for the following week! This looks exciting and I can't wait to get more into the details of what the Ghostkeel is, but it appears to come with stealth drones..

This is early information as always, so must be considered rumors. However, it does come from excellent sources that are right on it.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit is the only release next week. The box comes with 3 miniatures, the Ghostkeel and 2 stealth drones costing £ 45/ €60/ $75 USD/ 90 Can/ AU 125/ NZ 150

From what I can see compared to other models near it it's very big, maybe
not riptide size but very close.

"Hints" for the week after can't be any more obvious lol -"The third
sphere expansion hits the Damocles Gulf!"

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