This came as as surprise this morning, and it was very concise with the information. June 13th will see a new Adeptus Astartes codex release with two vehicle boxes! That is big news... but it gets better; New Land Raider Variant alongside a new Rhino variant.

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Please remember that this is a rumor at this point.

via 'RR' on Faeit 212
'June 13th sees new Adeptus Astartes Codex release with two vehicle boxes. New land raider command variant included and new rhino command variant. Ornate design on additional armour plates etc. More marine kits to follow.

The codex sees predators/whirlwinds/indicators as 1-3 options. No surprise.
The codex sees land raider squadrons and huge bonus to ignoring damage when part of them.
More info to come...'
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