First Up tonight are some Ogre Kingdoms models for What's On Your Table.

Hi Natfka,
I’ve enjoyed the ‘What’s on your Table’ posts so here is my own.

I’ve been encouraged to start a WHFB army by my 9 year old son who has started a Dwarf army recently whilst declaring 40K is stupid with too many new rules coming out for him! So after a false start with Lizardmen I decided to go with Ogre Kingdoms, less models to paint and big enough for my eyes to see them for painting.

I finished the Iron Guts in the pictures last night.
The Slaughter Master and 3 Sabretusks are just starting with basing now and the SM will need a few oil and weathering powder washes to complete.
Then it’s on with the two Mournfangs in the background.

It’s been a change from my more usual 40K armies and I’ve enjoyed painting the big guys so far. I plan to add a few more units to the army – so far I’ve finished 6 Bulls, 6 Iron Guts, 4 Leadbelchers, and a Firebelly – including more Mournfangs, an Ironblaster or two and a Stonehorn along with filling out the Bulls and Iron Guts. Once I finish that I can return to something 40K related but not sure yet, GK or SW or something else.

Kind regards, Paul

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