You read the title correctly. The latest rumors are saying that there will be no Warhammer Fest, and no Games Day US.

This is labelled as a rumor, because I have not seen an official announcement on this and Warhammer Fest is still listed on the Warhammer World site. Very solid source.

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It is now official, hot on the heals of NA Games Workshop's recent HSC.  Games Day US is not happening, Warhammer Fest is not happening.  Explanations were not provided by speakers, corporate staff, etc.  No word on if something will happen next year but there is a general indication that GW might be hitting up the major conventions (GenCon, AdeptiCon) in the coming years a little more agressively.

At GenCon this year with their small booth (Which was odd compared to the size of booths of small start up companies) they raked in over $150k, which does not include ForgeWorld sales.  Imagine if they had a bigger booth, interactive gaming area for new comers, etc?

Armies on Parade is going on, however it is only at the store level.  There is no larger competition for top (3) winners.  Some managers have expressed having a "finals" with area stores (if they are fortunate to have other GW retail stores) but that is unofficial.  No word yet on if the winners will get those snazzy medals anymore or it will be some lame certificate.  Competition is Aug 30 - Oct 25.

Sorry ladies and gents with no good news, as usual I will continue to provide information as I intercept, beg, panhandle, strong arm for it.
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