Some very nice Forgeworld Jetbikes and Headhuter Kill Team.

Hi Gary 
I thought Id send these in for your " whats on your table".
I started them in June and have been getting them ready for an Apoc game on Sunday. 3.5k points all up (by the time I finish). Iv got a few more models getting finished off, such as a Spartan, another Sicaran Venerator and a 20man tac squad. Here is what I have finished (almost finished) so far..

Legion Praetor with Paragon blade and his command squad. The Hydra scales on the front of the bike and on the legion banner are from Anarchy Models. 

iv got some on order for my larger tanks. Brian had done some custom sheets for me. A very helpful man. I would highly recommend these.

Here is my Headhunter Kill Team, lead by Exodus and an Apothecary. These are my Effrit Stealth Squad.


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