The Thunderhawk Gunship is one of those models many people hope to get some day and put together. Here is Ben's new Thunderhawk Gunship!

I finally have my dream model, the legendary Thunderhawk Gunship.
Me and a friend have been working on it, he has lots of Forge World items and this is my first, so I asked him for help. He has done all the reshaping and has put bolts into the wings for easy of transport. Still tons to do and I am very greatful for my friends help (Steve Ryder) and I am very inexperienced with this level of modelling (for example I just melted a bit while cleaning releasent off it). However I intend to put it together and paint it.

Here are a few pictures of the model so far and I will send more when it is closer to being done. I have put my Storm Raven alongside it to show how I hope it will look when done. The chapter is my own, the Astral Skulls (no relation to those tratiors the Astral Claws!)

Best Regards

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