A veteran to What's On Your Table, Alex had shown off some of his sculpting work before. Tonight its Tau bases and Eldar.

Hi Natfka
My Eldar Banner man seemed to go down well so here are some other bits I have been playing with J
This lot are  some bases I made for my Tau pathfinders and drones as well as some for my wraithguard.
It is relatively easy to do and  you can get something called Oyumaru that is similar to instant mold (but cheaper and comes in different colours) for casting lots of them with green stuff. Best if all it is reusable so one pack goes a long way, just drop it into some hot water (very hot water) when you have finished with it and want to do a new cast.
Always a good idea to keep a master case of the things mind as you might want to go back and make more.
Any way on to some pictures. J

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