The new Officio Assassinorum is out now, and by now everyone has seen that the assassins for the most part have gotten a slight boost here and there. In fact, some of my favorites from the novels, the Culexus by all looks will now see some light of day. Of course over the years I have always been trying to field these guys, but in the end they just have never really made the impact that they should.

The Background:
I spent quite a bit of downtime reading through the new dataslate, and the expanded backstory is something I really like with the new release. There are 31 pages of background with a few images of the models thrown in. No real new artwork caught my eyes, since most of the pictures were of models. In a lot of these dataslates I have noticed this trend lately, where the first ones that were released had some impressive artwork in them.

Assassins now come with a few new rules that I really think may make them playable again. For one, getting a -2 to Look out sir makes it much harder to just shrug off Assassin's hits (this was always annoying). The other is the extra wound. Assassins have historically came with 2 wounds through he last several editions, and an extra wound was just needed over all this time.

Lets take a quick look at each one.
Operation Assassinate: All Assassins have this rule, and grants you an extra victory point if the enemy's warlord was removed as a casualty by a model with this rule.
Independent Operative: Cannot be joined by Independent characters.
Lightning Reflexes: 4++
No Escape: -2 to look out sir rolls against the assassins hits.

Of course the Vindicare is all about his rifle and its ammmo. Not much has really changed here
Deadshot: All hits are precision shots, excluding snap shots
Spy Mask: has ignore cover, excluding snap shots
Shield Breaker: No invul saves allowed
Turbo Penetrator: S10 against vehicles, against everyone else d3 wounds per hit
Hellfire: wounds on a 2+

The Callidus of course is back to her sudden appearances. She comes with hit and run, move through cover, and a cool new rule Reign of Confusion
Reign of Confusion: Can re-roll seize the initiative, and opponent suffers a -3 to the first roll for reserves in the game.
Polymorphine: Can set up 1" from enemy units, or go into reserves to enter from an opponents board edge. First round appearing can only be hit by snap shots.
Neural Shredder: Template wounds on a 4+ AP2
Phase Sword: Only ignores invulnerable saves on a 6+ to wound, AP2
Poison Blades: Poisoned 3+, with rending

I have always found the Eversor lacking, but with a long list of special rules, he may once again be hitting the table. He comes with melta bombs, and a power sword, and a poisoned pistol (4+)
Frenzon: Roll 3d6 for charge range and gains 3 attacks on the charge.
Sentinel Array: Can overwatch at full bs
Neuro-Gauntlet: Fleshbane, shred
Biomeltdown: d6" s5 hit upon death
Feel no Pain
Furious Charge
Move through cover

My old favorite, now with preferred enemy psykers.
Life Drain: No armor saves, 6 to wound is instant death, against psykers the wounds are instant death
Etherium: All shot and attacks against him are resolved at BS and WS1
Psyk-Out Grenades
Animus Speculum: Add up all psyker units within 12" and add up to 3 dice from your own pool., This is how many shots you get for your animus speculum. 18" S5 AP1
Psychic Abomination: Psykers friend or foe get a -3 ldr, do not generate any warp charge, and can only harness warp charge points on a 6.

Overall I really like this dataslate. The background I spent the most time on. Of the 45 pages on the ipad edition, 31 of them are dedicated to background and a few model pics. Definitely a lot to enjoy reading on, and the new rules for Assassins will definitely find their ways into many armies. I can already see them fighting hard alongside my Inquisition and Astra Militarum forces.

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