The final hours are here to get your raffle tickets to win the armies for charity through the Nova Open  Charitable Foundation. A very good way to get a chance to win, which btw would be fantastic to hear a reader from here winning. The thing that strikes me the most about these is raffles is that 95% of the money gained goes to vital organizations in our world, like Doctor's Without Borders, and the Fischer House. When Great People come together between our Community and through these Organizations, good things happen.

Here is where you can go to get your tickets.

via NOCF
LAST TICKETS will be sold at 2:00pm EST TODAY.
Pictures posted yesterday of the Iconic Battle of Macragge at (and attached).

WATCH THE DRAWINGS LIVE AT:  TWITCH.TV !  Search "NOVA Open" to find live video of tonight's Final Raffle Drawings (between 7:00pm and 8:00pm EST)

Here are the Pics!

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