Ever thought about getting into Dropzone Commander?, or possibly thought about picking up another starter? These new plastic starter sets are just what your looking for. These are an excellent value, and a great way to expand your armies into a second starter. The best part is, is that you get these for about $55.00.

Just like in the 2 player starter set, each faction comes with an extra model, an apc, or small gate if you are Shaltari. The PHR are the exception, however, with these you can exchange out the arms for a Phobos, Ares or Menchit type 1 walker. The arms can just be magnetized and you can field any of the type 1s you want to.

New to the starter sets are the fastplay sheets, which are quick reference guides to playing the starter sets with all the charts and references you need on the reverse side.

The Resistance starter is something very cool, and gives you something unique to a starter set. You get two models that are heavy category units, the M9 Hannibal. The details are fantastic, and I highly suggest you check out the video.
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