It seems that finally distribution in the United Stats for Dropzone Commander is breaking through. In the past we have had a serious stoppage of a couple distributors literally making it nigh impossible to get Dropzone into our local gaming shops. While its a little headway, I have been told by retailers, gamers, and more, that ACD has moved forward and joined the distributors that are making great headway at meeting the demand for the Dropzone Commander.

Its literally sometimes been 4-5 weeks to get models (my record so far is 6 weeks), and this has led to many angry gamers that are simply waiting for their orders. So if you are in this boat, please be nice to your local store, they are doing what they can through the distributors they have to use. If you are one of those stores, please check out ACD, E-Figures, GTS, and Warpath as they seem to be helping game stores fill their orders.

here are a few past articles regarding distribution issues in the US for Dropzone Commander

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