There was a series of leaked White Dwarf images that came out a yesterday and the day before for the new Grey Knight codex cover and releases. It seems that while we are getting a new codex going for pre-orders this week, there are a lot of repackaging releases hitting the shelves. One of the more interesting things, is that we will get a dataslate for Assassins, once again allowing them into any imperial forces.

This all matches up with the rumors we had through the last weekend.

It just so happen that I had my first chance to go crabbing in years, so was in the pacific ocean during the day, and a crab shack with cot at night. Of course leaked info is always released the first time you step away.

leaked images seem to first have come from the Golden Throne

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
got a look inside the white dwarf regarding the grey knight releases. the codex cover is a grey knight terminator with a halberd posing in the rain.

the box arts of the new releases are in the white dwarf
it is really nothing new. nothing except for one thing:

Strike squad box: as excpected a repack. 10 man inside.
Purifiers: repack aswell, 5 man inside.
dont know in which of these are the interceptor backpacks.

now the biggest disappointment:
grey knight landraider: its just the regular Space Marine Landraider but painted grey and having "Grey Knight" infront of the units name
Grey Knight Stormraven: same as with the landraider.
Grey Knight venerable Dread: same as the landraider.

all 3 of those releases are just repackaging it seems to fit the new dark blue packaging all new boxes got now. just a different color on the models shown, thats all.

but the new thing is:
Dataslate Oficio Assassinorum.
so now everyone gets easy access to temple assassins.

hope this does not spoil the mood of some of the guys who thought there would be a new big release with the landraider, stormraven and dreadnought.
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