Up for pre-order are two new Contemptor Dreadoughts from Forgeworld this morning, with a release date of the 28th. The Contemptor Dreadnoughts have always been some of my favorite models from Forgeworld, and now they have finally released these two dreadnoughts for two very cool legions.

Here is a link to the see these, and to place orders.

The Night Lords Legion has always held a certain place for the armies I loved and wanted to play. I think of all the armies I have had, traded, or moved on from, these were the ones guys I should of held onto. I just love the background and concepts for them. The reason why though I moved on years ago, was the rules for them, or lack of, since 3rd edition.

via Forgeworld
Night Lords
Even when the Night Lords were counted loyal, their nature and actions were ever questioned. Some argued that they were simply a function of necessity, the monsters needed to drag a barbaric age into the light. Some say that they were a mistake, a misjudgment compounded by circumstance. A few wonder if they were damned from the moment they were born, that they were destined never to be a part of the future they would help create. All such speculation is ultimately pointless; no matter the cause, they are creatures of horror and always were.

Iron Warriors
The Iron Warriors Legion are the grim-faced, cold-hearted masters of the science of war, the exemplars of strength and discipline turned exclusively to the systematic destruction of the enemy. They are amongst the most relentless and dogged siege warriors in the ranks of the Legiones Astartes and countless fortresses have been reduced to ashes under their guns. 
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