It's been a few nights since I have returned to What's On Your Table, and the biggest reason is because of hardware issues I am having. No matter, it will all be figured in no time. Back to the show...... First up is Bonefish's Maulerfiend.

Hi Natfka.
Just thought Id share this with you. I saw the WOYT article recently where someone was doing a Nightlords Maulerfiend among other stuff.
I thought it was really cool that someone had thought of an almost identical little touch that I did back in febuary, namely the Mauler resting its fist on the torn off door of a rhino. Nice to know my idea wasnt too wacky, and cool to see someone had thought of the same thing. The Mauler is a great model and lends itself to some really great basing opportunities.
Heres mine. (only the tendril options are magged)
All the best.

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