First up tonight are some Imperial Fists Centurions!

Hey there,
I've really been enjoying the what's on your table articles so I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. These are my Centurion Devestators from the Imperial Fists 9th company. They are converted ever so slightly by removing the groin armour plate so they look a bit more mobile and swapping the helmets. I reasoned that since Centurions are just marines in an exo-skeleton then they'd have their standard armour parts on as well.

The yellow was simply a white base coat followed by two washes of cassandora yellow, edge highlights if Dorn yellow then a glaze of lamenters yellow, very simple. Still got the bases and some touch ups to do. Might have to go back over some of the battle damage so it stands ou better.

Hope you like,
Andrew Lindsay

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