Dark Eldar are rumored to be coming very soon. Of course this site becoming dedicated rumors started with Dark Eldar, and with that I am already digging for any early signs of where this codex might be leading.

My Dark Eldar are hungry........

These of course are rumors and should be given with a good grain of salt, especially since their origin is from an earlier draft of the codex.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
He gave me some insight into what he had seen in early drafts of the book from the design team. I would consider these 1-2 star rumors, more of logical speculation on his end based on what he had seen:

- Eldar special rules were being thrown around as an idea, Ancient Doom and a form of Battle Focus that let warriors run/shoot in the same phase and Wyches run/assault in the same turn.

- Points decreases for the elites and troops sections, by about 1-2 ppm, but increases to raiders, ravagers, and venoms by about 5 points. The net result was units in transports costing about the same. 

- Obviously the model-less characters were taken out - Vect is a lord of war, but baron, duke, malys, and the decapitator are gone.

- No new unit entries that he had seen, but repackaged models. I asked him about plastic incubi, mandrakes, grotesques and wracks, clampacks or the voidraven, and he said he honestly hadn't seen anything concrete on them, so couldn't say one way or the other but wouldn't be surprised since finecast had been removed from most new books that still had any.

- No info on warlord traits unfortunately, but said that the drug chart was being refined to mesh with 7th ed special rules (specifically, the drug that gives 3d6 run pick the highest is removed, since that is essentially fleet, which many units have already).

- Confirmed that, as we all knew, the wargear section for haemies was being shortened, possibly turned into relics. Hallmarks like venom blades, huskblades, soul traps, shadow fields, agonisers should still be there in the generic wargear section. In his words, "shocked if they took those out".

Overall, more of a streamlining similar to the GK dex, but without removing much other than the named characters. Should still play the same, but have more continuity with the current rules, and with the warlord traits and new FOC (didn't elaborate on what it might look like) will have much more added than lost, unlike GK. 

Said he wouldn't be shocked if we also get plastic kits for some of the finecast options, to make the release similar to Orks. Certainly didn't feel like a nerf in his opinion, but did go a long way to limit the viability of things like jetseer lists that relied on the 2++ of the baron.
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