This is rather fun, a 10 hour apoc game done quickly with photos taken every 5 seconds.

We played this game around 2 months ago, and I wanted to try out something a bit different by setting up my camera to record a time lapse video of the entire game from start to finish.  I took 1 photo every 5 seconds and ended up with over 6000 of them to merge into a 2 minute video

The Imperial forces -
5000 Astra Militarum
5000 Blood Angels
2000 Grey Knights
3000 Various Superheavys

The Renegades
4000 Tau
2000 Traitor Guard
6000 Daemons
3000 Various Superheavys

We were using the new 7th edition rules, less than a week after release, and playing using the apocalypse expansion but with the new tactical objectives instead of strategic.

The battle went on for about 10 hours so I wasn't able to write down everything that happened, but I wrote a short narrative story told from the perspective of a single guardsman which can be found on warseer at this link -

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