This last week was nothing short of incredible, we had rumors flying right and left for most of the week. Most of it dealt with the Necron leaks and a ton of rules that are coming in the Necron Codex. Also we had a few other misc stuff coming through, including a rehash of 6th edition stuff, and some Tau thrown in for good measure.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Necron Announcement:
Its Sunday the 23rd of October. All the whispers point to tomorrow for the big day Games Workshop announces Necrons. For those living under a rock somewhere, Games Workshop is expected to declare Necrons the next codex with pre-orders starting this coming week and a release date of November 5th.

I would be shocked and amazed if this did not happen tomorrow, but in reality as long as we get the announcement in the coming week we are good. I can just imagine all the crying that would happen if the announcement does not appear tomorrow. It would be a little entertaining for that (not yet determined who) GW guy that sits behind his desk and laughs at all the Internet drama.

Leaked Necrons Images:
The images were fast and furious for about a 5 hour stretch. I love the new models, as they really go back to the old Jes Goodwin concept sketches. If Games Workshop follows this kind of policy and keeps it for future releases, we are in for the most amazing tabletop game. Detractors will still be here, but there are other games they can go play.

Beasts of War no longer have the images available for those that have been keeping up. They now look like this image.....

Obviously, Games Workshop sent them something to get the images removed from their site. I have not yet been contacted, and if I do, they will be removed as well. I just hope they are nice about it.

If I get a chance to, I will be posting the concept sketches again for those that are interested.

Necron Rules:
Here is where things get really interesting. Personally I find the Necrons thus far to be a very strong codex for 5th edition. The main issue I have is with all the previous Necron players who keep the extensive whining going on and on about how fragile their new army is. 4+ saves with a 5+ reanimation protocol is all I keep hearing in forums and comments here. While I can understand that game play has changed for your Necrons, it was very logical that they would.

The new codex, which I will be going over in detail as I get the specifics (the codex in hand), thus far appears to have all the shiny new rules except one, and that is FOC changes. Which is fine. The army is turning into a truly terrifying shooting army with machines that get an awesome save, with a re-roll to get back up. This far exceeds feel no pain, and almost equals (i am not going to do the math) a better save than a 3+ marine.

Do the whiners out there really want Necrons to be another marine army with power armoured saves? As far as I am concerned they (the whiners) can go back to having their 3+ and army wide phase out. It was not a good codex.

I will post the rules and more as I get this week.

Presence of Faeit:
Last week I pulled my editorial piece, as it dove into the melodrama and conspiracy theories that occurred last week with the release of the necron images. While I was sent some very interesting information, at the last minute I deemed the whole thing not worth getting into. So I yanked the post.

Staying out of the melodrama, warranted or not, is not just a site policy, its a lifelong choice. Many people thrive on this kind of drama in their lives, but I have chosen to stay clear of it. I am lucky in this aspiration, as my wife is very similar in regards to this. It does not mean I won't ever slip, and if I do, by all means readers, you can call me on it.

Site Changes
I have began implementing some site changes. They will continue this week, especially tomorrow when I will have more time at my disposal. A few have already not been working, or I would be much farther along than I am now. My blog title and new banner did not post for some reason, and I am working hard on figuring out why. Small hiccup.

So I apologize if you try and get onto the site, and see some huge massive error on my part, as I work through the site changes I am working on. I expect these to be occurring off and on throughout the next month, hopefully during non-peak hours.

My Grey Knights
I am getting in lots of games with them atm. They are an enjoyable army to play, however they do have some very serious issues when it comes to the tabletop. The first and foremost being that casualties start taking a serious toll very quickly. I have only lost one game with them thus far, it should of been a draw, but I also have not had the success with them that I do when playing my Imperial Guard.

I do love purifiers, and this last game vs blood angels, I threw them directly into close combat. it was almost a 60 marines melee, with blood angel terminators, reclusiarch, and 20 jump pack assault marines vs 40 purifiers.

Always being overly analytical, I will probably get another Imperial Guard game in or two, to really see where the strengths lay of my IG army in comparison to my Grey Knights. However, I should get my latest techmarine done, so perhaps I will play him.

My Advice for the Week
Always play the game with the units you enjoy and are comfortable with. If that means units no one else likes and everyone and their brother says your nuts, then so be it.

Concept Sketches
Of course here are the old Jes Goodwin concept sketches for Necron vehicles from a post I did May 4th of this year.

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