This week wraps up with Games Day AU, a confirmation from there that 6th edition is coming next year, and of course this weekends release of Dreadfleet.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Games Day AU There was a wealth of information that was released at Games Day AU this year. When you combine the information alongside what came out of Games Day UK, it gives us quite a bit of information we did not have just a few short weeks ago,

I think the biggest piece though really is that 6th edition is confirmed for next year. The guys at forgeworld had said that they were re-writing the IA books for the new edition. Nice little slip of information for us. I will be doing a very extensive compilation of what I know about 6th edition later this week.

Grey Knights vs Tyranids
I really had figured that I had a pretty easy win earlier this week vs a tyranid player. However, it wasn't, and even though I still won the game, I learned one valuable lesson. VS Tyranids, you cannot rely upon your force weapons to rid of the big baddies. With trying to get my psychic abilities off on a 3d6, I was not able to get one set of force weapons off in close combat vs the big monstrous creatures. It made for a real tough game. It really was sad, and perhaps my dice were a little off. I was counting on it, which turned out to be a bad idea.

My suggestion, shoot the crap out of them first. Its easier. Grey Knights come with enough short ranged shooting ability, that you should be moving and shooting. Keep them out of range of assault for that extra round, and shoot the crap out of them. On paper you would think the force weapons would do the trick, don't push your luck.

I don't think my opponent really realized how close he was to breaking my army, and winning the game.

Next game I am fielding a side list, with my Culexus assassin and combat squadded purifiers.

Rules of Our Game and other weekly Series
Its official as its going to get, I am going to keep the series going as it is very popular. However, please do not take my reading on the rules as the final line. I know many of you are not, but understanding the rules and the murky spots within them, is an ongoing process. So dissension and disagreements as long as they follow a reason or description of why, are very much appreciated.
One of the reasons I started this blog to begin with, was to define and refine my own thoughts towards 40k. It has done wonders in that regard, which is the primary reason I keep doing it.

So look forward to Rules of Our Game next week, as I am already backlogged on good rules to discuss.

This week I missed The Words of Faeit tactical series. This will happen with all the weekly posts I do on occasion. Sometimes I will try and make it up, other times, I simply do not have the time or a worthwhile post. This week I had one done, however, after re-reading it I took it off the post schedule.

This week I am pretty brief on my editorial, so I apologize. Trying to buy a house, and turn my existing into an investment property has been consuming most of my spare energy.

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