Nocturne, The concluding chapter of Nick Kyme’s Tome of Fire trilogy is now available to preorder. Here’s a trailer, complete with fire and embers, because all Salamanders know that everything is more awesome when it’s on fire.

Nocturne, the final book of Tome of Fire Trilogy is now up for pre-order. While I have not started this series, it is on my reading list for this fall. Here is the link to pre-order this book directly from the Black Library. I am definetly curious as to the role the Dark Eldar play in this story.

The Story

War has come to Nocturne. After decades of planning and slaughter Nihilan has mustered a vast armada of Dragon Warriors, dark eldar and Chaos renegades. In the name of vengeance he launches his assault on the Salamanders. Unrest plagues the Chapter’s ranks in the face of this invasion. A prophecy from the Tome of Fire has foretold of a saviour or destroyer, the psyker Librarian Dak’ir. As the attack begins and the Salamanders marshal their armies for battle, Dak’ir’s destiny is finally realised. Meanwhile, amidst the enemy fleet, Tsu’gan of the Firedrakes is held captive. With hell and fire all around them, a reckoning between these bitter rivals is at hand – its resolution will see the prophecy fulfilled and decide the fate of Nocturne.
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