Finecast production to be limited or stopped completely. This morning's rumors declares Citadel Finecast an experiment that is coming to a close.

Rumors Out of Left Field are really rumors that I do not think are going to come around. I find quite a bit of information and some of it gets disqualified almost immediately. I've decided to start sharing some of these. Can they be real?, of course. There is just something about them that makes me feel uncomfortable about posting them. Sometimes its just the source, or how the source released the information, sometimes its the information itself.

Please apply extra salt

via TywinLannister
I don't know how reliable GW staffers are, but one has strong feelings that fine cast will be no more in a few months, something about a lack of return, and better plastic casts, apparently the new approach is to focus on the plastic blisters and to slowly but surely stop producing finecast or reserve it for truly exceptional minis.
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