Here is a small rumor set for Chaos Legions. It is saying that Chaos Legions will be a super-elite army. 10,000 year old marines kicking butt. It also declares a second codex Chaos Renegades that will get at first a White Dwarf treatment, followed by a real codex a couple years down the road.

As far as release schedule, its still too early to say, and these rumors are trying to say Legions of Chaos will be further down the road. Personally with the way the rumor mill has been hitting, I think we will see Chaos Legions next year, just too many sources claiming it will be before or right after our 6th edition release next summer.

These are rumors, please take with salt.

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Chaos seems to be coming out around the new 40k rule book, which is rumoured for release next summer.

I believe someone started a rumour a couple of months ago, cannot remember who, stating that chaos would be the first (hardback???) release for the new rulebook.

The starter set(s) are Chaos and Dark Angels; this was the original rumour; however, this was quickly trashed by saying that Dark Angels would NOT be in the starter set. Chaos does seem to be there though.

Apparently Imperial Guard renegade armies will be a part of the Chaos release.

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the first thing i have to say is that there are 2 chaos books planed
one more renagade based the other legion based the legion one will be that, dudes who are 10000 years old kicking ass n taking names
there "may" be a inquisitor whos gone bad but really expect new guys in the renegade one
its lost and the damned influenced... but it has other options....
also 2012??...maybe at a push
Questions answered by Ghost21
Originally Posted by RandomThoughts
Let me break this down:
Chaos Legions as an uber-elite army, probably comparable to Grey Knights in that regard.


Originally Posted by RandomThoughts
And a second book that deals with Chaos Renegades, that includes Chaos Guard, or might even focus on non-marine Chaos.


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Finally, the Chaos Legion book is supposed to come out close to the new Edition (your words, Ghost), and the Chaos Renegades will most likely come out in early 2013.

no im saying that 2012 seems a tad too soon maybe dec 2012 but honestly there are 3 other books as far as im aware first

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Just asked my source about the two Chaos books ghost21 mentioned. He said that Legions was coming first and that Renegades would first get a WD article soon after that and that a new Codex would come out later (about 1-2 years after the WD article).
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