Trazen the Infinite is turning out to be one of my favorite characters in this codex. He is rather spectacular. Several of his rules are below. Talking about a cool way to resurrect on the tabletop.

Some contradiction here on the box sets, but hey, its a good start to see what we will be buying for the upcoming releases. Take a look below.

Please remember that these are still rumored, although we are getting closer to the magic October 23rd rumored release announcement.

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With that out of the way, let's get back to the fun business of more teaser tidbits:

A lot of people seemed to like the idea of Trazyn the Infinite (aka the Necron who likes to collect artifacts), so I figure I'd go over a bit more some of his special rules.

First, I mentioned already that he is the named character that has the wargear that allows him to wound every model of the same 'type' that are in the combat with him (read the first page summary for more details on that if you're unfamiliar). This is his weapon, which means you've only got the base attacks of the model without any power weapon properties, etc. So to get this potential wound on every model in the combat is not going to be an easy task typically.

Beyond that he's got a few more unique rules:
1) He is a scoring unit (because in reality when he's 'claiming' an objective he's really seeking to claim a hidden Necron artifact nearby, it says).

2) Anytime he is removed as a casualty, roll a D6. On a 1, he is removed as normal (but would still get a chance to use Reanimation Protocols as usual I presume as he has that special rule too), but on a 2+ you randomly choose another model from all the friendly Lychguards, Crypteks, Necron Lords and Overlords on the table (not counting named versions of those) and remove that model and replace it with Trazyn, who counts as returning to play with the same amount of wounds the model he replaces had. And it even specifies that he only gives out Kill Points when he doesn't return this way.

3) He has Mindshackle Scarabs (which is a piece of wargear that other character-type models in the army have access to). These allow the bearer to randomly pick one enemy model in base contact before any attacks are made in CC that turn. That model must pass a Ld test on 3D6. If it fails the test, it instead does D3 attacks on its own unit using the weapons/special rules of the Necron player's choice (if the model has different weapons or kinds of attacks).

So while not a powerhouse or a character that boosts the ability of your army, he is a HQ that is a scoring unit which can give you a few different tactical options.

Here official texts and UK prices (as featured by Wayland Games website). Still some uncertainty about material, seems like too many plastic kits. While the Wayland list seems to contradict this, having combined Lychguard/Praetorian and Immortal/Deathmark boxes would make sense and reduce the number of plastic kits. And I guess, Flayed Ones are Finecast.

Local GW newsletter confirms 4 new plastic boxes, one new Finecast box and 4 new Finecast characters.
Plastic Boxes:
Necron Catacomb Command/Annihilation Barge
Necron Doomsday/Ghost Barge
Triarch Praetorians/Lychguard

Finecast Box:
Flayed Ones

Finecast Blisters:
Imotekh the Stormlord
Trazyn, the Infinite
Necron Overlord

via Wayland Games
Necron Catacomb Command/Annihilation Barge - Multi-part plastic kit £20.50
The Necron Catacomb Command Barge - a floating Throne from which your Overlord can give command to his troops. This kit may also be used to make the Annihilation Barge, and the Overlord model may be used as a standalone figure.

Necron Doomsday/Ghost Barge - Multi-part plastic kit £31.00
Used to transport the mighty Necron Warriors into battle, the Ghost Barge packs a mighty punch. Alternatively, this boxed set also allows the option to field the Doomsday Barge - the gunship of the Necron arsenal.

Imotekh the Stormlord - Finecast £10.50
A legend among the stars, Imotekh has faced a thousand foes and survived - each time growing stronger and more determined.

Trazyn, the Infinite - Finecast £10.50
Deemed - by his enemies, as impossible to kill... and described by his peers as Immortal, Trazyn the Infinite is legendary among the stars. Having served in countless offensives, and survived a thousand wars, he stands testament to the stubbornness of his kind.

Necron Overlord - Finecast £10.50
The Necron Overlord is the soulless overseer of the relentless and unstoppable Necron advance - surrounded by a horde of his skeletal, robotic troops, the Overlord is unstoppable. (this is the dynamic left model, the other one is the plastic overlord from the command barge)

Necron Deathmarks - Multi-part plastic kit £20.50
Armed with superior guns, Necron Deathmasks are the sharp-shooters of the mysterious skeletal race. Box of 5.

Necron Lychguard - Multi-part kit (Finecast or plastic?) £20.50
The Lychguard are elite, ancient Necron Warriors - armed with superior weaponry to their skeletal brethryn - the lethal double-handed Warscythes, or Hyperphase and Void Shields. Box of 5.

Necron Triarch Praetorians - Multi-part plastic kit £20.50
Elite, Ancient skeletal warriors, Triarch Praetorians are practically unstoppable at the head of a Necron assault - armed with either Particle Casters and Void Blades, or Covenant Rods. Box of 5.

Necron Immortals - Multi-part plastic kit £20.50
Necron Immortals are the Heavy Infantry of the Necron army. Armed with more powerful Gauss weapons then their Warrior brethren, the Immortals are a wise investment for those looking to dominate the universe. Box of 5.

Necron Flayed Ones - Multi-part kit (Finecast or plastic?) £20.50
Necron Flayed ones are a horrifying unit- with claws so sharp they could rip a Space Marine apart with ease, the Flayed ones lay the still warm flesh of their defeated enemy over their metallic bodies to further discourage the enemy. Box of 5.
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