It has been a busy week for myself. We are now past the release of Dreadfleet, which I understand the game to be amazing (although the models to be very brittle). So I am hoping we are on the lead up to the next big codex release. I also have been getting some Grey Knight games in, which is good, and some serious progression on getting my models painted.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Grey Knight Revelations
I am enjoying my Grey Knights. I do see some serious list flaws when I quickly down sided my 2500pt list to 1750, but hey, that should be the case when a list is not built for its point levels. The one thing it did though, is draw out some serious weak spots of the Grey Knights.

As you can see what models I have been working on, I have decided that my Grey Knights will be geared towards destroying psykers. I know that people just love their Paladins and Coteaz lists, but I do not think that plays heavily into the strengths of the codex. Don't get me wrong, they are a strong codex.

Perhaps its just that I have found my niche within the codex. Things you will find in my Grey Knight lists from now on, include Psyocculums, mindstrike missles, and dreadnaughts (reinforced aegis). You will see fearless units, meaning Purifiers. My IG has a tendency to eat up anything on the ground that is not fearless very quickly, so I would not want to be that vulnerable to something that I play.

I have found my niche, and that makes me pretty happy with this army. It gives me a solid direction to start refining how to field. Next week will probably be a tactics session with my Grey Knights on things I have discovered in the codex.

This week I posted on the legal issues regarding specific tyranids and space wolf models that are rumored to be on hold because of litigation. Although on a blog like this, especially quoting someone else, I am pretty free to speak my mind, I should have not included Chapterhouse's name in the post. Technically it is OK to do so, but I feel it was morally incorrect to list them or to suggest them as the problem. The post is labeled as a rumor, but regardless I am going to be less inflamatory in the future. In the future I will edit the names of companies out if it falls into this type of post.

I have a no drama policy, not just here but in my life, and although the post did not cause any drama that I can tell, I see how it could be intrepreted to be that way. I always try and stay positive in my posts, and try hard to stay away from the antics other blogs love to employ. We all know who the Rush Limbaugh's of 40k are, so I will leave rumored allegations to those sites should they wish to pick them up.

I love this hobby, and Chapterhouse does a great job with their models. Specifically the Stormraven extension and the wheeled chimera kits. I am aware they are in a legal mess right now, that probably will not be resolved anytime soon. There was no outside sources putting pressure for me to post this, it was simply my internal drama alarm.

Enough on that.

Chainswords and Forceswords
OK, here is my problem. A chainsword in itself does not really have any specific rules governing them. I have an option with my new Inquisitor to add a force sword if I decide to upgrade her to a psyker. Now I love the look of the chainsword on the model.

What do you guys think of this option to count as either or, chainsword/forcesword. Paint the blades of the chainsword blue with some soft lightning effects, could this count as an either/ or? I know in friendly games it would, but I am talking WYSIWYG.

What do you think?

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