I really like this set, as it would be a dominant part of a person's collection and could carry over from the Age of Sigmar to 40k and beyond. Games Workshop today has pre-orders going up for the Dreadfort... either complete... or broken down to whatever price point you want to jump in at. Very well done and thank you.

Also up today are the Blood Warriors, a hardback Battletome for the Dreadfort (might as well if you are getting the entire fort pick up the book), and a novel for the Realmsgate Wars.

Also interesting today is a contest...... Count the Skulls...... and Win! Here is a link to the rules....

Games Workshop Pre-Orders Today
Blood Warriors £37.50
Battletome: Chaos Dreadhold (Hardback) £20
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realmgate Wars: Ghal Maraz £15

The Chaos Dreadfort
Fortress of Grim Corruption £680
Infernal Realmfort £590
Octadic Dreadhold £440
The Ravagers of Ruin Keep £334.50
Malefic Dreadhold £320
Direstone Redoubt £200
Summoners Gate £165
Magebane Wall £135
Skull Coven Forge £135
Chaos Dreadhold: Overlord Bastion £80
Fortress Wall Expansion Set £60
Chaos Dreadhold: Malefic Gate £60
Chaos Dreadhold: Skull Keep £45
Chaos Dreadhold: Fortress Wall £15
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