Another article from the Alex over on Dropzone Commenter goes into what you may want to do before you start sending your dropships into their first battle. I especially like his reserve tables that could very easy find a place in your backfield to hold your fast movers and other reserved units.

The full article is through the link.... so especially if you are new to the game, there are likely some good tidbits here to check out.

via Dropzone Commentor
It’s almost time to build your first army list, and then soar haphazardly headlong through the hellish war-torn skies of the bleak future. Soon your detachment will be touching down in an almost hopeless, apocalyptic death-trap, and will shortly become the target of every enemy in the sector. I cringe at this tragic and brutal stage where your force will mount its desperate last stand against such an unyielding tide of complete annihilation. So let’s quickly go over a little list of knick-knacks and gizmos that will make your first DZC experience as pleasant as possible!
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