This morning we are hearing some hints towards what this week's releases are going to be. A new Battletome for the Stormcast Eternals, along with Prosecutors and a new Prosecutor Hero. Check out the latest for the Age of Sigmar.

Please remember that like always until pics these are considered rumors.

via Lady Atia on War of Sigmar
This week releases should be afaik:
Prosecutors box, three models, should be 46,- €
Knight Azyros, should be 33,- € 
(that guy is the prosecutor hero)
Knight Venator, same price as the Azyros, shooty hero
Stormcast Eternals Upgrade Sprues, should be 9,- €, with shields and stuff (we have seen the shields back with the one bundle)
Battletome Stormcast Eternals, should be 46,- €, here you have your Armybook/Codex with fluff and rules^^

Lady Atia
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