I have been talking about this for a long time with the regulars here at Faeit 212. With so much online now, are the retailers, especially the independent locations that are so important to the hobby, getting a majority of the sales? There is a big drive by game companies to get customers to order directly now, in essence cutting out the middle man (your stores).

I have been a big proponent for years of buying locally, and it's rare that I leave a store without buying at least something. So what is your primary source of getting models now?

Game Stores... Like Warhammer shops?
Independent Retailers?
From Independent Retailers Online?
Ebay or other resellers?
Knock offs?
Or finally, I have stopped buying completely?

I will try and get a poll up on this. While not scientific, its at least a look into the readers that visit the site. (most often the poll widgets on blogger do not work.... so if you dont see one up here shortly, just leave comments)
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