I was asked if anyone else had reported faster service from Forgeworld since the new webstore went up. I had not heard anything yet, nor ordered anything since the new store has gone live, so I figured we would ask the community. I do recall my Forgeworld orders taking a week+ to get here before the new webstore went up.

via ShadowWolf32387
Two friends and myself placed an order with Forge World for some new stuff and it shipped out Friday morning.  It got here today and was only the standard shipping speed.  That's extremely fast for FW standard shipping since it normally takes about a week (4 day turn around vs the 7-8 before the new format).

Has anyone else reported this kind of speed since the new store format happened?

Also, sadly, sales tax is now a factor.  We got slammed with an extra 9% with the online store change.  I suppose that since it's more like the GW store and because we DO have a GW store in state it allows them to collect local sales tax in states with a brick and mortar presence now.

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