SN Battle Reports had a great report up over the last few days with Skitarii vs Chaos Space Marines. Sounds like a great game, since I was reading it this morning, I figured I might as well share it.

Mission: The forces have simultaneously located a lost stash of ancient technology. They plan to extract as much of it for their use as possible.

One objective is placed in the centre of the board.
Each player places one objective anywhere on the board outside their own deployment zone and a minimum of 6 inches away from any other objective.

Primary objective.
Grab the stash: Each player receives 1 VP per objective they hold at the end of each game turn.

Deployment: Dawn of War
Points: 1400

Of course every game from SN Battle Reports has a strong narrative, so here it is a link.

This battle was a surprise and it all starts with a seize the initiative.

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