It's interesting to keep appraised of changes that could be coming down the line, especially when we have seen such a radical change from Warhammer Fantasy to the Age of Sigmar. The success of AoS will drive more change in the near future, so as long as the sales are happening, it appears we had best buckle our seat belts.

Check out the entire lastest article from ICV2 on the changes that are coming.

via ICV2 by Milton Griepp
More changes to GW are coming:

Games Workshop is looking at some major changes in its product line. “I will review our product range,” Rountree said. “We believe this is long overdue: it is time for a resetting of the ranges. Not tweaking here and there but a top down reassessment.” "

"Rountree assured shareholders that there would be no reduction in retail prices for its products, but said he will “be looking to offer a broader range of price points.” 

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