A regular on the Faeit 212 Community site, TBMC is running a narrative campaign, and taking your votes to dictate the direction of the missions. The narrative is the Battle for Dover Prime, which focus's around a Tyranid Invasion.

1. Recruit the tau..... Get the Tau to help. 1500pt Rearguard mission.
2. Reinforce the Imperium: Make an example of the Tau, Kill them in a 200pt Kill Team Mission.
3. Forget the Tau, attack the Tyranids, starting with a 500pt Combat Patrol to take out some digestion pools and other high priority targets.

Please take your votes to the link listed below, and help the Imperium take on the Tyranid Menace.

via TMBC
Hey guys, here is the intro video to our first narrative campaign ever! Battle for Dovar Prime! This campaign pits Kevin vs Davis. Tyranids vs Imperium! We need your help, if you watch the video you will see there is a voting section, we need your help to choose our missions! Simply comment, Option 1, Option 2, or Option 3. If you have any tips or ideas include those as well! As always, keep on wargaming.

Vote Here by following the Link to their Youtube page.
Here is the link:

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