Chaos Dwarves are back with the new Forgeworld site. New Warscrolls for both the Legion of Azgorh and Tamurkhans horde are now available, bringing Forgeworlds models up to date regarding the two armies.

There is also something odd. I have tons of old links to Forgeworld saved, and specifically when I try and use them, they no longer send me to the Forgeworld site (not even the new one), but instead they lead to the Games Workshop Webstore. These old links are for Chaos Dwarves. Most likely there are more, but could this mean that GW is going to make some plastics in the near future?

Here are some of the links that I had saved for Forgeworld that now point to the Games Workshop webstore

Links to the new Warscrolls from Forgeworld
Tamurkhans Horde - great for Nurgle fans!

Legion of Azgorh - the Chaos Duardin
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