The images are now out, and Lady Atia has them ready to go for us to check out. I have to say... that Dreadfort looks very cool. It's not in my budge atm, but as long as it remains available it may end up here at my own gaming tables.

Here is this week's releases from White Dwarf. If you missed the full release list from yesterday, just follow the link here

Khorne Bloodbound Blood Warriors $62
Chaos Dreadhold Skull Keep $75
Chaos Dreadhold Overlord Bastion $130
Chaos Dreadhold Malefic Gate $100
Chaos Dreadhold Fortress Wall $25

Battletome Chaos Dreadhold Hardback: $33
Battletome Chaos Dreadhold Softcover (Spanish and Italian Only) $25

Battletome Chaos Dreadhold Digital
The Realmsgate Wars: Ghal Maraz (Black Library) $24

Leaked Images for the releases and a first real good look at the Blood Warriors and Chaos Dreadhold can be seen here

via Lady Atia on the War of Sigmar

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