Using the magnifying glass feature on the Forgeworld Webstore, someone has listed out some of the details they could see. This gives us a listing of what is on the Taghmata Army list in the Mechanicum book. Lords of War, Fortifications, and more revealed.

a thanks to SirDonlad for doing the legwork on this one and sharing.

via SirDonlad on Dakka
In the preview pictures i can make out the entries on the back - thought i would list them here. 

HQ: magos prime, magos dominus, archmagos draycavac, archmagos inmar satarael, magos reductor calleb decima (!!!!)
Elites: tech-priest auxillia, domitar class battle automata, myrmidon secutors
Troops: adsecularis covenant, thallax cohort, scyllax guardian automata covenant, castellax class battle automata maniple
Fast attack: Ursarax cohort, tarantula sentry gun battery, vorax class battle automata maniple, crusade fleet avenger strike fighter, crusade fleet primaris lightning strike fighter, crusade fleet arvus lighter orbital shuttle (!!!)
Dedicated transport: triaros armoured conveyor
Heavy support: thanatar class siege automata, thanatar-calix class siege automata, thanatar-cynis class siege automata, ? ? (mechanical engineer? makrotek engineseer? mechanicum landraider?)   , krios battle tank squadron, myrmidon destructors
Fortifications: imperial castellum stronghold
LOW: ordinatus (!!!!!), imperial knights paladin, errant, magaera, styrix, lancer, castigator and acheron

Legio cybernetica appendix: legio cybernetica battle cohort, archmagos ?
Ordo reductor army list appendix (!!): the war covenant of the ordo reductor, the ? of ? army force organisation chart, magos ? , ordo reductor artillery tank battery, ordo reductor minotaur battery (!)
The titan legions: warhound, reaver, warlord
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