Ravenguard is about to get some some new models, starting off with some great looking snipers. To top it off, a new Forgeworld transfer sheet is coming out as well.

With the new Forgeworld webstore now in place, there were many people that did not get a bulletin this morning (myself included). That's OK, because I have part of it here for you, and a link to it on the Forgeworld store.

via Forgeworld Bulletin this morning


It wasn’t so long ago that the Raven Guard Legion got a host of new upgrade kits. Judging by what I saw in the Forge World Studio this week, it looks to me like there’s more on the way soon for the XIXth Legion.
This new squad looks perfect for the masters of stealth.This new squad looks perfect for the masters of stealth.
And that’s not all. If you’re working on a Raven Guard army then you might want to hold off on painting all those Legion symbols by hand as it seems that there are some fantastic looking Raven Guard transfers being readied for printing.
Transfers are perfect for adding detail to your Legion.Transfers are perfect for adding detail to your Legion.

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