Yesterday we had some early information about the Celestant Prime that is coming up for pre-orders..... Not today but next week. Now behold the Avenging Angel himself, the First of the Stormcast Eternals.... the Celestant Prime.

For more details on this model, as well as what else will be next weekend's White Dwarf, just follow the link from yesterday.

Before anyone else says it.... Wow, this guy is powerful.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Funny how some people are saying your article is fake as it comes from your site. Let's add some spice. full rules for Celestant Prime

The Celestant Prime
move 12", save 3+, 8 wounds, bravery 10
Can fly

Two weapons
Ghal Maraz R2" Attacks 2 Hit 3+ Wound 2+ Rend -3 damage 3
The Commetstrike Sceptre- calls down a comet from the heavens. Pick a point on the board within 24" and roll a die; any model within the die's range of the point takes d3 mortal wounds.

The Celestant Prime does not start the battle on the table. Instead he is in the Celestial Realm drawing additional power into Ghal Maraz. Each round decide whether or not he will enter the battlefield during the movement phase. For each round he stays in the Celestial Realm, he gains 2 additional attacks with Ghal Maraz.

When he comes on, set him up outside 9" from enemy models anywhere on the board. He can't move any further, and any enemy models within 12" lose 2 bravery until the next hero phase.

Once per round, the mystical energies that swirl around his feet, grant him insight. You can change one die roll of your choice for the Celestant Prime before modifiers.

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