One of the latest releases for the Scourge is the Screamer and Raider Dropship. These come together in a single pack, and are dedicated anti-infantry in the extreme. Quite possibly these are the two most devastating anti-infantry models that can come onto the table.

Screamer and Raider Heavy Dropship


The screamer itself is a large walker with evasion 1 and the ability to make things rough on infantry units or basically anything that gets too close to it. Its attack is a 6" MF and two CC attacks that are energy 11. It's biggest ability though is to half the CQB of nearby enemy infantry. Being as cheap as he is, coming in at 40pts, this beast can quickly turn the table on enemy infantry units. They also add +1 to the infantry's AC and their finding objective rolls.

If that wasn't enough, the Screamer comes with a Raider Heavy Dropship. While at first this looks expensive at 70pts, its 5 dps should keep it alive on the table. Its a mean dropship specialized in killing loads of enemy troops that get too close. A MF of 9" and range of 6" means that its two Acid Hoses (flamers) will cook infantry quickly and efficiently. With a 15" range area denial of buildings, two of these should scare the crap out of just about any infantry units thinking of getting too close.

What is interesting is that even though they are rare, 1-2 Screamers can be taken, making it easy to field enough of these guys to really put the pain into any infantry heavy army. For 220pts you can effectively have some extreme infantry denial on the table.

I have been putting a set of these guys together, and after really thinking about them, I might need to pick up a second one. Here are some picks from my worktable. Of real interest, the flight stand on this guy is taller than the others that I own. Possibly a change over with Dropfleet coming? or random tall stand? Not sure........

Also here are some pics that we had exclusive here from right before GenCon. These models look great all painted up!!!

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