Often with models like the new Celestant Prime, I run into issues on how to get the model together, and tackling the painting. The Celestant Prime is one of the models that looks challenging for a lot of us. So its good to hear that there is reasonable sections this week on discussing how to get this model together.

The Celestant Prime has two Ghal Maraz options? Interesting.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
White Dwarf this week is nothing special really.  Lots of background fluff on the Hallowed Knights for Age of Sigmar and some extra info on some of their special characters (named, no rules though).  No Paint Splatter.  :(   White Dwarf does state that the Celestant-Prime has TWO Ghal Maraz arm options though, which I find odd.

There is also a section on putting together the Celestant Prime model, as well as tackling the painting of it. 
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