Next week looks like more Khorne, including some more of the Age of Sigmar Terrain that I have come to enjoy. What Grand Alliances are at this point..... hopefully we will see soon.

Next Week's Hints Are
Unholy Fortress, Gore Soaked Killers, Grand Alliances

Leaked Images can be found here via Atia

via Lady Atia
Some teasers for the Exalted Deathbringer:
- He can either have his ruinous axe and claw OR a bloodbite axe and a runescratched shield (which basically gives him a 2+ safe against magical wounds)

- he has two additional attacks if he is 12' around a General of Khorne

For Bloodwarriors: 
- you have either 2 goreaxes, or 1 goreaxe and 1 gorefist. For 10 models in your unit one may have a goreglaive.

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