What's On Your Table: Necrons

I've been visiting this site for a long time, and have always wanted to give my own submission for the "What's On Your Table" segment as it is a favourite of mine, but until recently I haven't really had anything I felt warranted submitting. However, earlier this year I started a new army, Necrons, as they are one I have always been keen to work on but have never gotten round to doing. But with the launch of the new codex, and no other major projects going on, I decided to give it a try.

I set out to paint a 2000 point army by the end of June, a deadline I missed by about 5 days, but its more than close enough for me to happy with. Especially as I have never in my 15 years being in this hobby, actually completed an army before. I've had plenty of models, but very little painting has ever been done, as I regularly get distracted and move onto another project.

But i'll finish talking now and show off some pics of my finished army!

Will also throw in a pic of the start of my new project, as i got my necrons finished just in time for the launch of Age of Sigmar, what better project to start next?


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