I had been waiting for the actual dates from the source, and now we have 4 dates, that supposedly are the start of big release weekends.These could be linked, especially the two dates in May. As to what he thought the dates were for, I listed them to help give an idea of what may be on those weekends.

Of course these are rumors, and if those are indeed the Friday's of the releases, then we have a heads up on what what may be coming. As far as accuracy, I dont know any more than anyone else on these. I have edited out identifying material, so I suppose the closer we get, the more we will know.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
There are 4 key release dates and even showed me the calendar with "red releases" for this
year. The first of which is coming in the first week of may. He also lead me to believe there would be heresy campaign in stores.

May 1st - heresy
May 8th - heresy

June 5th - ???
July 10th - WFB
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