If you follow this site closely you will have noticed that I have been gone for almost a week now. Well I am back, and there was a Sister's of Battle rumor set that I was not able to dig out, simply due to horrid internet connections. Figured I would throw this one out, even though reliable sources have been saying that there will be no Adepta Sororitas this year.

Please remember that these are rumors. Larry says they are from previously reliable sources. This was released yesterday. So whether rumor reverb, reliable sources, or something in between, you can decide, I just want to make sure that this was covered here. Now that I am back, I can be more on top of things.

via Birds in the Trees, posted by Larry Vela on Bols
Sororitas Rundown:
– R&D on the entire line is complete, and the range is all new in plastic.
– 5-model combo-unit Sisters infantry kit
– 3 model Sisters unit on 50mm bases kit
– 5 model Sisters unit on 32mm bases kit (different from the infantry unit listed above)
– Sororitas combo unit vehicle kit “A” kit
– Sororitas combo unit vehicle kit “B” kit
– Sororitas Walker/Monstrous Creature vehicle kit
– 3 clampack Sororitas characters

These are on ice and only await release scheduling by GW.
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